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Clash Royale Hack for Gems Guide - Android and iOS Advanced Level

UPDATED This hack guide will cover advanced tips on how to get maximum of new and updated Clash Royale hack for 2018. First of all, basic rules on how to play Clash Royale should've been mastered. After basics it is time for advance level.

How to use new Clash Royale hack apk?

It's pretty simple if you know how to make a winning scheme. When to use hack and on what exactly spend transfered resources. To save your time, you can just generate gems. Having plenty of gems on your account allows you to buy gold for it. In some cases you need to only gold for upgrades or rare purchases. 

Clash Royale Gems Hack is also used for upgrading cards, buying giant, magical and super magical chest. In those chests you can find common, rare and epic cards.

Having enough resources is critical to get higher chance on getting legendary chest. If you are higher level, chance to get legendary cards is higher. And legendary cards are the strongest cards you can get. Find out about legendary card on https://www.facebook.com/ under Clash Royale fan page.

Clash Royale cheats for gems are all about safety of your account and saving time. Maximum of gems you can transfer on your account is 100k. 

That's enough for hardcore playing even for a week or two. You can do progressive gameplay in this case and collect as many cards you can. 

You can try new card decks and see what is the best deck structure in general.

When you start hack Clash Royale gems and gold once, you will see you can easily esamble few strong card decks.

New Gems and Gold Hack Features allows you to build strongest card decks

Some tests showed what card decks are most used. We will expand here that knowledge and give you extra tips to gain much more better results.

Recommendations for 3 separate decks are:    
  1. Mostly air cards – Air attacks are covered 100% + ground protection.
  2. Mostly Ground Cards – Ground attacks are the strongest ( This option means deck is unprotected from opponent air attacks. It is smart to involve damage of area cards like rocket or fireball. Clash Royale Hack Tool is useful in this case to upgrade on max level rocket and fireball card with unlimited gems and other resources. Those cards need to do maximum damage ).
  3. Mostly Building Cards – Building cards are fast and more ressilient on attacks. Involving fireball and rocket is must.
  4. Mixed Air and Ground Deck – Cards in deck are only ground and air attacking cards. This deck structure is strongest due to full air and ground coverage.
  5. Mixed Air, Ground and Building Cards – This structure is interesting and requires some time to master it. You can combine air-building attacks and ground building attacks.
clash royale cheats for gems in clash royale

When you master and try all those 5 card deck structures, you may think you are master Yoda. But no, you are not. You can be even better. Let's go a bit further.

Advanced Clash Royale Tips

1. Knowing how much elixir your opponent is spending with each card. It means you will know what next card can your opponent can play and when it can play. In some cases, you will have advantage of few seconds which is enough to destroy one of the towers.

2. Use first period of game to learn what 8 cards your opponent have and how much they costs.

3. Final and the most interesting tip of this hack guide for Clash Royale is to notice when it is the best time and how to drive your opponent to draw a specific card you don't want him to have anymore.

If you can think and practice all that, you can make the most of your Clash Royale gameplay - and definitely you can look on Youtube some other tips about it here -

Clash Royale Hack LIMITED

Free Gems hack for 2018

Clash Royale Card Hack (NEW!)

Don't forget to recommend this Clash Royale Hack tips to your friends and enjoy.


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